Desert Of Nowhere

by Hay Perro

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Desert of Nowhere. HP for life, 2006-2014. Thanks.


released June 9, 2014

Chris Grubbs - guitar, bass, vocals
Brian Gonas - guitar
Emily Agosto - drums

with Nate Perry - additional vocals on "Arm The Children" and "Spirals Of Wire"

All songs by Hay Perro.
Recorded by Hay Perro in various rooms at Superior Street, Chicago IL.
Mixed by Dan Agosto at Get Small Studios, Chicago IL.
Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room, Chicago IL.

First and foremost thanks to Dan Agosto, who was greatly influential on these songs. Also thanks to Bible of the Devil, Knife of Simpson, Bob, Mike and all of Zuul, Trevor Fisher/Metal Up Your Tap, Leeches of Lore, 87, Ben Collins, Chris Black & High Spirits, I Love Rich, Matt Bone, Mike Postiglione, the guy who bought the van, all the bands we played with, everyone who came to see us, and lastly OURSELVES.



all rights reserved


Hay Perro Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Arm The Children
It's morning on the border. Aflame in the sun. Populations boiling over, all we need is a pawn. So the latest assassin hears the voice from above. Desperate times call for measures, don't they now? Don't they now? Go into the sun, blinded. Rise down, good soldier. A name for his rage. From one dream to another, he thinks he's awake. So this will be the last time that we'll see the elect. Desperate times call for measures, don't they now? Don't they now? Those above us: sleepwalking madmen. Arm the children, freedom demands it. And there is so much left undone. In shadows through heat waves. Here comes the doomed assassin dying for interests not his own. Approaching the threshold, the gilded palace walls. Inside there's nothing left.
Track Name: Slaughter Becomes General
I burnt down your cathedral. I put you in your place. I wrecked your institutions. They've blown up in your face. The final violation: is this the great collapse? Martyred for noble masters, and I won't be the last. Now it's done. Just as planned. No rewards, no holy land. Here's regret: where's my faith? Was I right? It's too late. This is the end I wanted. Concrete my resting place. And all my fine convictions: they exit through my veins. The final violation: this is the great collapse. Martyred for lying masters, and I won't be the last.
Track Name: Charnel House Within
A grinding machine begins its halt. Flat on my back watching the sun. The sirens recede; perception fades. But something is there before the void. It isn't over. Of this I don't know. In these last moments the gate is open. Pulled towards the center, an unreal place. My vision turns inward, I see the shades of those who I ruined, of those to come. They watch me descend. The black unknown. Inside a dream I can't awake. Somewhere between life and death. The color of sleep. The unreal in front of me. Keep going on. I see the path before me: no choice but to go on.
Track Name: The Filth Is On The Inside
Flat broke on the streets, you were an easy mark. Alone on the margins, a decade lost. You never had a chance at all. The good old days that never were: a bill of goods, spent shells and smoke. You never had a chance at all. You never knew the villains. And now you scream let me out, let me out, let me out. We understand but don't accept. You'll never pay us back this debt. You played your part just like they wanted. The filth has always been inside. You swear, you beg, if only you had known. And now you face this all alone.
Track Name: Spirals Of Wire
Death would be quick so let's give it some time. Now you know pain. There's no second chances, there's no going back. Spirals of wire. Breathing in ash. The future is lost in the jagged expanse. You wanted things to be different. You didn't know how right you were. Now take a look at the world you wrought. Searchlights. Gunfire. Martial law. Millions of people have been where you stand. Listen to me. What makes you think I would hear your demands? Another promise from the great condemned. It's all the same to me. Go. Go now. I'll wait. You'll fail.
Track Name: The Double
Upward. Out of the depths. Fire. What burns inside. Faster. Blood in my eyes. A little closer, closer now. To the surface, rising now. Forward. Into the light. Only a moment behind. The double raises his arm. Take aim. Time stops. Only one shot. But is this real? I'll never know. Again I trust. Swimming in quicksand, boiling my blood, breathing in water, nothing I've known. The double stands. I see myself standing. Pumped full of rage. That's what they sold me: nothing remains. The double falls.
Track Name: Split Dimension
Morning, the border, beyond the palace walls. The moment, divergence, all that you bargained for. Go ahead. Live. Try. Our wager - you took - and now you stand and fight. Has it come to pass? Shifting time, all these moments gone. Counting seconds, the crowd in disarray. Cordite blooms around you once again. Into the air dissolved. You were doomed all along. Collapsing into now, you're just another pawn. Split dimension, dimensions split. Now, after all, what you wrought is what you wrought. Days, weeks, and so the fire builds. Total consumption, torrents of blood are spilled. You lie, draining, blind, mourning the worlds where we were left alive.
Track Name: Aflame In The Sun
All around us the all seeing eye. Now we worship the beast in the sky. You'll never know. One more world drowned in flames. Another lesson learned in vain. Somewhere things will turn out different. Here our world's at its end. Console yourself with what might be. You could never be redeemed. Now you know you were nothing, nothing but a flame in the sun. All around us in the sky. Living under the all seeing eye.